Review of “Roaming the Rockies” Trip: Day 5

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Day Five: Winging My Way Back to Reality

abd_rtr_day5bLike all good things, my Roaming the Rockies Adventures by Disney trip had to come to an end. I was stunned at how quickly it had whizzed past and how much we’d packed into what was really only three full days. It seemed like I’d just been stuck on the tarmac at the Canadian airport, wondering if I’d be spending the night on that little commuter jet, and now I was already heading back to that spot where the trip had begin.

The breakfast buffet was included on the last day, so I joined one of my fellow adventurers and her daughter and wolfed down a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage, and oatmeal. The buffet was the same as it had been the day before, complete with the Asian items, but I still took a pass on them.

My bag had been picked up at my room at 7:45 a.m., so all that remained was to grab my carry-on luggage and hustle down to the lobby to wait for the bus. The female junior adventurers had discovered that they could get crowns if they asked at the check-in deck of our “castle” hotel (they hadn’t realized it the other day, since our guides checked us in), so they were all decked out in royal headgear.

Trivia and Sheep

abd_rtr_day5aAfter our long journeys of the previous few days, the 1 1/2 hour bus ride to the airport seemed like nothing. Our guide Lisa led us in a spirited game of Disney trivia. The bus was divided in half down the aisle, and our team, the Big Horn Sheep, was up against the Swagger Jaggers (who, we were informed, were named after Mick Jagger). Being a highly competitive group, things got pretty wild. Our team managed to pull off a victory and won a prize of maple leaf cookies, although we opted to share with our across-the-aisle neighbors.

Also, on the way home I had my second sheep sighting. These were standing very close to the road rather than up on a mountain. One was relatively small, so it’s possible it was mom and baby, but I couldn’t be sure because they went by so fast. I also saw a bird feasting on a poor deer who had evidently been hit by a car. The circle of life goes on, even in Canada.

I Need Power!

I had to go through Customs before heading to my gate at the airport. You’re supposed to wait until two hours before your flight, and I actually had several hours to go, but I decided to try anyway. First I checked in and had my luggage weighed. I asked about an exit row, and to my amazement, there was an exit row window seat available. Score! Then I went through Customs and staking out a spot with an electrical outlet a couple gates down from my actual gate. That worked out well until Security suddenly shut down that section of the waiting area. I don’t know why, but it left me in a dilemma since outlets were few and far between.

abd_rtr_day5cI stalked up and down the corridor, determined to find an outlet. Finally I spotted one in a tiny niche between a vending machine and a clothing rack. I somehow managed to wedge my body into the small space and worked on my computer until boarding time.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

The flight was uneventful until we landed. Then, there was a rhythmic noise that sounded like a barking dog the whole way to the gate. I would have thought that it was a dog that had somehow escaped from the cargo hold, but it was too regularly spaced. I suspect that our plane got pulled out of service for a checkup once we all disembarked.

My plane change took place in Minneapolis and once again I only had an hour to spare. I grabbed a sandwich as my dinner and hopped on board for the final leg of my journey home. Even though Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, there were no delays on the tarmac at Orlando International Airport. My bag showed up promptly, so I grabbed it and called my husband to meet me. I was officially home and eager to check out my camera chips to relive my favorite moments of the Adventures by Disney Roaming the Rockies trip.

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