SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium Celebrates Earth Day with Turtle Fest

Orlando, Fla. – SEA LIFE Orlando has hatched a new plan with the opening of Turtle Fest on Earth Day, an interactive exhibit at the aquarium paying tribute to turtles, tortoises and terrapins. The family-friendly exhibit will feature several new reptiles, including the Diamondback Terrapin, Northern Red-bellied Cooter, the Australian snake-necked turtle and more.

The exhibit will teach young visitors all about these amazing reptiles, from their environments and diets to how they can help with conservation efforts to protect turtles from habitat loss, pollution and other environmental dangers.

“Florida’s coastal regions are home to a wide variety of turtles, and it is only natural that we would create an exhibit dedicated to this resilient reptile,” said SEA LIFE Orlando Curator Andrew Nerness. “We’re excited to provide kids and families with a fun and educational exhibit in an interactive environment.”

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